Wednesday, October 5, 2011

G105 Interviews Jeff Skinner

This morning, G105 interviewed our favorite Hurricanes player, Jeff Skinner.  We spent most of the interview mortified at what they wanted him to do (well more just embarrassed for him).  I live tweeted most of it because I know N was probably asleep and missing it.  Here's a basic recap of what you missed this morning:

  • The Justin Beiber of Hockey.  Jeff Skinner is used to this comparison by now and said he doesn't really mind it.  Some of the team even decorated his locker because of it!
  • Jeff has all of his teeth and said he's been really lucky so far.  He prefers his girls with teeth rather than without.  
  • What kinds of girls does he prefer? Apparently he picks them based off personality (guys still do that?).  He said his mom would probably want him to be with someone funny, nice, and intelligent.  
  • How does he manage his amassing hockey fortune? He has an accountant (like most of the other guys on the team) and his dad helps him.  He also has an allowance and didn't really go buy anything big when he got his first paycheck. About a month afterwards though he did have a car so he had something to drive around Raleigh.
  • As far as girls go, he said he has a tendency to gravitate towards the ones at home just because they knew him before he was famous.  Didn't explicitly say he doesn't trust new girls, but rather, he proceeds with caution.  
  • His family continues to keep him grounded and keep his head out of all the Skinner-mania.  He calls home around 3-4 times a week and his family normally knows what's going on in his life.
  • He likes Canada better than the US (Can't blame him, we'd like where home is too) and doesn't have a girlfriend here or in Canada. So N, HE'S SINGLE.
  • Is he a butt guy or a book guy? Skinner laughed and responded that he's a personality fan.  Gotta love him because he says all the right things to make a girl SWOON. 
  • He didn't really have that many preconceived notions about the South.  Thought that people down South talked funny. When asked what he thinks a hillbilly is- he said someone that talks funny and someone that doesn't have a lot of teeth.  To me, it sounds like he just described a hockey player :) 
  • Favorite music? He said he listens to a little bit of everything.  A lot of Lady Antebellum, a little Taylor Swift. 
  • If his agent could hook him up with any famous girl, he said he didn't know, but he guesses that girl in the new Transformers movie (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley).
  • And considering what the Showgram was saying, he said he hoped his mom wasn't listening.

It was an interesting morning for Jeff Skinner. The Showgram decided to try to test the hypothesis that hockey players are bad kissers.  They pulled in an intern (named Peanut Butter) and had her talk up Jeff.  They joked around and got him to participate.  Most of Caniac  Nation was tweeting that someone needed to rescue him because he seemed a little uncomfortable with the whole situation   Did he kiss her? Yup.  On the cheek like a good little boy. Just another reason why we love him.  

And now we're jealous of some intern called Peanut Buttter that we don't even know.  
Just saying, can it be one of us next time? 

Until next time,

Oh L, I just have to comment real quick on this one. While it took me awhile to finally get the nerve up to watch it- and by watch it I mean watch it through my fingers while my hands were covering my face- Skinner is adorable as ever. I am the puck bunny that "Peanut Butter" should be scared of.  I'm impressed Skinner knew all the right answers to their questions and answered with such poise. Again he's just adorable. 

Peace, Love & Puck Bunnies 

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